IPCOM 19" zidni ormar 9U – 600×600×480mm, staklena vrata, crni (2/2)

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– IPCOM WALL SERVER CABINET SN-6U-06-06-DS-1-7035 is designed to accommodate 19” active network equipment in office buildings and industrial premises.
– The use of the cabinet is almost universal, due to its size and static load of 120 kg, which is distributed over the structure of the cabinet, and serves to solve various problems in building a communication center.
– The height of the cabinet is 6U, the width and depth are 600mm. The glass door allows you to check the operation of the equipment. Air circulation is carried out thanks to the ventilation holes on the side walls.
– It is possible to install fan units in the top and bottom walls of the cabinet; for this, it is necessary to dismantle the plugs and fix the fans with screws.
– Grounding is provided as standard. The side walls are removable to facilitate the installation of equipment. Telecom cabinet is delivered unassembled.

– Color: Black
– Height: 9U
– Width: 600mm
– Depth: 600mm
– Adjustment step of mounting racks: 25 mm
– Front door type: Glass
– Door opening angle: 180°
– Cable entries in base and roof
– Powder-polymer coating
– Degree of protection: IP20
– Type of execution: Wall-mounted
– Max. stat. load: 120 kg

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