Kingmax DIMM 16GB DDR5 5200MHz 288-pin 1.1V CL42 memorija

60,73  MPC


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– Comply with JEDEC standards
– Extremely higher data rates than DDR4
– Two independent channels per DIMM improve memory access efficiency
– Bulid in PMIC (Power Management IC) to provided stable power helping with better on-DIMM control of the power supply
– On Die ECC reduces the system error correction burden and improves Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
– Low power consumption
– RoHS compliance

– Memory Type: DDR5 U-DIMM
– Frequency: 5200MHz
– Pin: 288-Pin
– Bandwidth: 41.6GB/s
– CAS Latency: 42
– Voltage (VDD): 1.1V
– Capacity: 16GB
– Interal Banks: 32
– Operating temperature: 0C to 70C

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